Taking the MVA Drivers Skills test 🚗

/Taking the MVA Drivers Skills test 🚗
Taking the MVA Drivers Skills test 🚗 2023-10-11T19:12:06-04:00

Registration for the MVA Drivers Skills test

  1. Go to https://mva.maryland.gov/Pages/default.aspx
  2. click on “Make an Appointment”
  3. Read the Welcome information then click “Next”
  4. Select “First Time Driver/ID Services”
  5. Select “Behind the Wheel Drivers Test”
  6. Enter your permit number
    • New permits start with MD
    • Older permits start the first letter of your last name
  7. Follow the steps to select location, date, and times
  8. After you register for the skill test. The MVA will sent you a conformation Email.
  9. You must conform you appointment from the email, or they will cancel the appointment.

Day of the MVA Drivers Skill test

Have the following at time of arrival to take the Skills test

  • Learners Permit
  • Pg. 26 from the Rookie skills book (certification page). Must be signed by a person that is certifying you have completed your drive hours
  • Some MVA locations will ask for the log of practiced hours
  • Have the up-to date registration and insurance card for the vehicle you are using
  • The person with you needs to have their driver license (must be active/ non expired)
  • Vehicle must be in good condition
    • No red warning light ,
    • No burned out light bulbs such as break lights, turn signal , or tag lights
    • Must have Half tank or more of fuel
  • There is no paper certificate anymore, you completion is submitted electronically
  • Recommended: arrive 20 min early
  • Must have documents ready in-hand

During the Test

  • Have your passenger move the passenger seat forward so you can see out the back passenger window
  • Have the person with you stay in the car until the examiner come to the car to start the exam

Car awareness – Know how to:

  • Turn on and off turn signals
  • Hazard lights
  • Turn and off windshield wipers
  • Turn on head lights and turn on high beam lights
  • Turn off the high beam lights and turn off the head lights
  • Turn on the Day time running lights
  • Where the horn is and how to use it
  • Open and close the drivers door

Important actions to remember (preventing the most common fails)

  • Make complete stop before the tires touch the white line
  • Use turn signals when parking
  • Complete the head check (over the shoulder check) before changing lanes
  • Turn off you mobile phone during the MVA skills test

Copy of the Rookie Skills Book