Save and Sober( 3h Drug and Alcohol)

//Save and Sober( 3h Drug and Alcohol)
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3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Class

Individuals who hold an out-of-Country license are required to successfully complete a vision screening, knowledge test, driving skills test, and an MVA approved three-hour alcohol and drug education program in order to convert their license to a Maryland license.

Burtonsville Driving School offers the 3-Hour Alcohol & Drug Education Program now online and in person. This three-hour class is required by the Maryland MVA for drivers who have a valid driver’s license from another country and want to apply for a Maryland driver’s license.

In order to take the class please bring a valid picture ID. The cost for the class is $50.

To take the class online, please click on the link and follow instructions.

Online 3 hour program (Drug and Alcohol) (Click here)