Driver’s Improvement Program

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Driver’s Improvement Class

To take the course online, click the link and follow instructions. Please make sure you have the MVA letter before taking the course online, without the MVA letter you will not be able to take the exam and get the certificate from the school.

Online Driver’s Improvement Program. (Click Here)

What is the cost of the Class online and in person?
Driver’s Improvement is $80.00 in person and $60 for online course which is nonrefundable after taking the class. For the online course, you take the course online and then come in the office to take the test and make payment in cash.

How do I register?
For the online course please click the link and follow instructions

Driver’s Improvement Program Online

and for in person course, call the school for the schedule.

What happens if I do not pass the exam?
If you do not get a score of 80% or above, you will be required to return after a 24-hour waiting period and retake the test.

What am I required to bring to the class?
When you come to take the class please bring your photo identification, your letter from the MVA, and your payment.

How will the MVA know that I completed the program?
Within 24 hours after you pass the final exam, Burtonsville Driving School will electronically submit the completion online and the MVA will post it on your driving record.

If your driving privileges are currently suspended, we encourage you to call the MVA to verify that your suspension has been lifted and you are permitted to drive.